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In this inaugural episode, Clint from will tell you how to get your free care package from You’ll also learn how to get a care package sent free to you. The package contains Mykos, Azos, Organic feeder packs, CalCarb Xtreme Brew, and Mykos WP. Who would like a FREE Xtreme Gardening care package? Their products are amazing and I can help you get your hands on some. They have a huge list of people wanting a package. To add your name to the list and hopefully have them pick you, it’s as easy as:

a. Goto and “LIKE” their page.
b. Post a message on their wall saying Garden Frugal sent me.
c. Finally next to the like button is a new message button. Click on that and send them a message saying Garden Frugal sent you, include your address and ask to be added to the list for a free care package.


a. Goto and fill out the form.
b. In the message box explain that Garden Frugal sent you and you’re hoping for a care package when available.

It’s that easy. Not everyone will receive a care package. Get your name on the list and I hope you’re a lucky chosen one. If that doesn’t work I’m working on something where I may be able to share some of their products with you.

Thanks, and good luck.:)

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